Africa is a continent brimming with an abundance of life, culture, languages and exciting adventure. One of these adventures, found predominantly in the southern and eastern region of the continent, is the safari. Riding through vast tracts of savannah, woodlands, deserts and grasslands travellers will encounter wildlife, of all shapes and sizes, in their natural habitat. What about the travellers themselves? Supplanted from the comfort and familiarity of home, will they be roughing it in the bush, listening to the roars of lions and the cackle of hyenas? Although you will certainly hear the symphony of nature’s voices, you can rest assured that it will from the comfort and safety of the very best luxury accommodation.

Safari camps, game reserves and national parks offer a variety of accommodation options. One of the most luxurious is certainly the African lodge, encompassing the finest aspects of world-class accommodation and the raw beauty of Africa’s wilderness. Between South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as several other countries, you will be spoiled for choice.

African lodges feature a range of facilities and amenities that set them apart and ensure a pampered holiday. Modern conveniences are at your fingertips, from easy and accessible communication facilities to gourmet cuisine, swimming pools, gyms and spas. Nestled amongst the untamed glory of Africa you are able to live completely new experiences as you sip champagne while watching wildlife saunter past or witness curious creatures creep around as you enjoy a delectable meal or a soothing massage.

A team of well-trained staff is on hand to provide the best service and attend to your every need. Skilled field guides will lead you on safari informing, educating and entertaining with tales of the wild. Many African lodges are child-friendly, with a range of activities to keep them occupied. Every lodge is unique, ensuring that no matter where you go you will experience something new and wonderful. From day trips to night drives, guided walks to balloon safaris, you will be amazed at the options available to you.

Africa is truly one of the world’s last strongholds of nature. In addition to safaris, many lodges will offer unique encounters with wildlife, such as cheetah interactions and elephant encounters. The main goal, however, remains observation of the vast range of animals in their endemic habitats as nature intended, unspoiled and untouched by man. Book your trip to an African lodge today so that you can become part of the grand tradition of exploring Africa on an unforgettable safari.