Situated in the Eastern Cape Game is the greatest elephant park in the province and currently South Africa’s third largest national reserve. The reserve is malaria-free, simply one hour away from Port Elizabeth.


The reserve stretches from the semi-arid Karoo over to the Zuurberg Mountains which runs through the Sundays River Valley to the coastal areas.

Addo is home to one biggest elephant populations which is roughly standing at 550. These endangered species have once roamed the continent freely but today there numbers have greatly declined.

Elephants play and important role in the ecosystem, as they break down bushes, pull down trees and dig or create waterhole as well as trails.

Their poo/droppings are important as birds and baboons pick them over for undigested seeds or nuts. The Dung beetle is only found in the Addo national park and they use elephant dung to reproduce.

The Addo Elephant park has grown to become the only park in the world to have the Big Seven, which consist of the following:

  • Elephant
  • Rhino
  • Lion
  • Buffalo
  • Leopard
  • Southern Right whale
  • Great white shark

This was created due to its expansion along the coats and by adding offshore marine reserve and bird island, these grounds are both essential for breeding purposes of penguins and gannets.

Visit Addo today and witness the great elephants of Africa!