Many people many ask what is endangered species, what does it mean?

Endangered  species that are under threat mean it is being eliminated/extinct.  At the point when a animal or species is termed endangered, they are either disappearing quick from the face of the planet or are inefficiently populated, not enough for survival of the animal group over a long period of time.

According to the IUCN, it has drawn up a rundown of endangered animal groups, which is known as the Red List. The rundown aids and decides the level of risk the animal group is under.

Humans have been able to tame wildlife across the globe, they have been able to go down into the deepest oceans and caves and search for the unknown. During these adventures which has been a costs of time and money, and a lot of research grinds to halt due to the lack of knowledge of the unknown out there and the ability to observe what is limited to man.

Animals on the endangered list

Despite the research done about these endangered species and  the extent of the endangered animals have come to the limelight that many people in the world who value these beautiful creatures are concerned about the plight of the future as habitat loss, deforestation and drought has hit habitats.

Endangered species in today’s world and even to hunt them by all means to see the last bit of their merchandise and embellishment in the worlds market while in the hands of the chosen few who have no fear about endangered creatures but the love of endangered animals for their own gratification.

The below questions may arise, but how did this happen? How did these animals become extinct? Do we need to look at our history, to find the process?

If Africa has so many animals wandering the massive continent, why are there only a few thousands of animals concentrated in the African Savannah? Where did it all go wrong?

The fact of nature is that our lifestyle has affected the pattern in which animals have gotten to be wiped out and become endangered, humans  need to understand that there is reliably an association between our activity and the way animals ram this world. Animals in the wild and animals in the extraordinary oceans and seas do have critical impact in the cycle of the earth. While the incredible salmons leave the extraordinary seas and venture out miles and miles to lay eggs and end their life, the procedure of that adventure over the fields and valleys wild and woods of the distinctive parts of the world are sustained by these animals.

Let us educate research and inform the world, about the significance of conservation and these animals roaming Africa.