Visit Sossusvlei Desert Lodge nestled in the world’s oldest desert in Namibia. All that surrounds you are the barren mountains and the dry desert air. Let yourself go in the silence of southern Africa and take a break from the world around you.

The Namib Desert in Southern Africa is the oldest desert in the world. The landscape is soaked with history, and the name”Namib” means the vast place. It stretches more than 2 000 km along the Atlantic Ocean. The only moisture this desert gets it from the fog that pushes inland off the ocean. Many of the plants and animals rely on this fog as a source of water.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge sits in the south-west of Namibia. It lies in a rare oasis overlooking the sand dunes and rock outcrops. This luxury retreat is sheltered by thorn trees and other cacti that can grow in the region.

The local watering hole offers fresh water near Sossusvlei Desert Lodge for passing animals. Credit: Kiwi Collection.


Staying at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

The number one activity at the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is to soak up the silence and gaze out at the infinite landscape. If you feel like being more active, the lodge offers guided Sossusvlei trips, hot air ballooning, nature drives, sundowner trips, bush dinners, guided sunset walks, archery and scenic flights. The lodge caters for everyone.

Each accommodation unit is separate and all rooms are air-conditioned. There are also family rooms available. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms and patios overlooking the desert-scape. Dive into the cool pool to freshen up in the hot, desert sun.

Responsible Business Practice

To reflect the arid landscape the lodge has an eco-friendly design. Their barren location has drawn attention to the need to live in harmony with the environment. Social responsibility and eco-friendly business practice have filtered into their ethos. They have even won an award for their socio-environmental commitment.

The lodge has implemented water saving measures and uses biodegradable products to preserve their very valuable resource: water. This limits the impact on the environment. The lodge is also powered by solar power – an abundant resource in this corner of the earth.

Visit Sossusvlei Desert Lodge to retreat from your world, and get to know another. It’s a break from society. Soak up the wilderness in your veins and return refreshed.