Strictly speaking a game lodge is a building with solid walls consisting of various rooms which safari travellers occupy on holiday. The term, however, has been used to define African safari accommodation in general. The reason for this broad inclusion is that the various accommodation options, no matter what the style, share the common aspect of being located in a game reserve or national park and are the starting point or basecamp for game drives. The word “game” refers to the wildlife and in Africa you will see numerous types, from elephants and hippos to lions and leopards. Another common aspect is the focus on conservation that drives these traveller hotspots. Furthermore, the local people from the surrounding areas often run, and sometimes own, these lodges; thus they play an integral role in aiding the encircling communities.

During your safari holiday you will see a variety of wildlife. As if that wasn’t enough diversity, you will have loads to choose from when it comes to your accommodation. Below are a few examples:

The Traditional Lodge

An archaic definition of a lodge would be an inn, usually medium in size and modest in setting. Contemporary lodges, particularly safari lodges in Africa, have become far more spacious and luxurious. Elegant suites with en-suite bathrooms are available and the reception area is sumptuous, while simultaneously showcasing Africa’s raw beauty. Dining areas will satisfy the most discerning gourmand, and spas, gyms, pool areas and viewing decks combine wildlife and world-class luxury in one fell swoop.

Tented Suites

For those who wish to get a little closer to nature, tented suites are available. Think camping, but without the dirt and discomfort. Many of these tented suites provide all the luxuries and conveniences you would find in a 5-star lodge, but set right in the midst of the African bush. Tented suites literally put you into the thick of things and sometimes even on top of things, as treetop suites are also available.

Bungalows and Chalets

These options are extremely versatile. You will find a range of options, from an intimate setting for two to units big enough to sleep eight people. So whether you are a couple on honeymoon or a big family, these are a great option. Bungalows and chalets offer further variety as their setting is always different. Sometimes they are situated close together, within walking distance of a reception area. At other times they are spaced further apart, providing privacy and a luxurious remoteness. Several game reserves, national parks and safari camps also offer self-catering units so that you can create a home away from home in an entirely new and exciting environment.

No matter what your preferences, your budget or your taste, you will find something to make you happy, while being guaranteed the chance to see a multitude of birds, animals and plants, as well as several amazing sunsets.