Leopards are part of the felidae family and the way that they are built are incredible . Made for hunting and  running fast. They are lone animals that chase around in the evening, and then drags their food up trees for safekeeping. Intelligent indeed!

More information of the Leopard 

  • Leopards are from the cat family and their scientific name is Panthera pardus. They are well known for their cream and gold spotted fur, however a few leopards have dark fur with dull spots. These dark leopards are frequently confused for jaguars.
  • A leopard’s body is built for chasing and hunting. They have smooth, effective bodies and can run at rates of up to 57 kilometers for every hour. They are additionally astounding swimmers and climbers and can leap and jump long distances. Their tail is pretty much the length of its whole body. This helps it with balance and enables it to make sharp turns rapidly.
  • Grown-up leopards are solitary creatures. Every grown-up leopard has its own territory where it lives and, despite the fact that’ they sometimes share spaces, they attempt to maintain a strategic distance from each other. Leopards are basically night time creatures, chasing prey during the evening.
  • Leopards ensure that their food is kept safe from other animals by dragging it up into trees. It will regularly leave their prey up in the tree for a considerable length of time and return just when they are hungry.
  • Female leopards give bird to two or more cubs when the cub is two years old, its ready to leave the company of its mother.
  • At the point when a female leopard is ready to mate she will give of a scent and rub her body on the trees to leave her smell there. Male leopards will either smell the females scent or hear her call to realize that she is ready to mate.

There are a few myths about the leopard, such as some people believe that the bones and whiskers of leopards can heal ill individuals.

According to media reports, a number of leopards are killed every year for their fur and body parts; this is one of the reasons, why leopards are considered an endangered animal and are part of the big five. While they were previously found in the wild in various parts of the world. Their habitat is to a great extent limited to sub-Saharan Africa with SMALL numbers also found in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China and Indochina.

Leopards are the most private and mysterious animal of the large carnivores. What are the characteristics that you admire about them? Send us a email. Let us know and join in on the conversation.

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