For as long as humans have been around and has walked the earth, no other wild animal has been more admired by humans than the King of the jungle, the great Lion. 



Yes, we fear them, however, we respect them, extremely fascinated by them. These creatures are the ultimate predator. They are the natural hunters that keep the circle of life alive. 

When on safari, they are the ones guest would love to see the one specie that all safari guests want to see….

On a recent game drive this massive male, at Inverdoorn, has a huge mane and looks like a true king of the jungle.

Guest will often find him lying in the shade of bushes and he was doing what lions do best…sleeping. Lions are truly masters at being lazy. They are able to sleep up to 18 hours a day, simply lioning around. 

Often guest will be lucky to experience the King of the wilderness speak… 

When he roars you can feel the power. The sound will rip through your body and soul. It will make you humble and only then we will really know how vulnerable we really are as human beings in this vast incredible African bush.

The wilderness becomes silent, when the king starts to speak!

Have you heard this too!