Elephants are the largest animals found in Africa!

Should we be calling the elephant the King of the wilderness as it’s the worlds biggest and heaviest wildlife on land?

Did you know?  Its ears can roughly measure up to 2metres this could likely be the area surface of a double bed. And could weigh up to twenty kilograms each, and are able to grow up to more the 3metres.

Elephants flourish in South Africa and here you will be able to see herds of more than 100 within the KNP, and even smaller herds within smaller game reserves.

Elephants are considered highly sociable and like the lions, female elephants rule. elephant africa

The herd will have a  ruler with great knowledge that will lead the herd  and keep everything under control, it will choose where the herd goes and the pace of its mission.

When feeding time comes, elephants are considered a fairly versatile vegetarian as it can eat more or less that 300 kg of grass, barks and vegetation a day.

The younger elephants will leave the herd when they become teenagers and will either live alone or form bachelor herds and seek company by older elephants or loners.

Yet a bond between a mother elephant and her daughter can last up to fifty years.

Elephants are in their gestation period for about 22 months.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” 

And just because these animals are big, don’t think that they will be slow too… elephants speed can go up to 40m/h that is faster than you as a human are able to run …

What do you love about this majestic big animal called the elephant? They have lovable characteristic that many would love to see on a game drive, so next time you visit a game reserve, sure enquire about these lovely animals within Africa.