Visiting safaris in Africa is an experience that you cannot come close to with documentaries or the cinemas. You have to see the lions, cheetahs, rhinos and so much more in person to truly understand their majesty.

Yet in Africa we have concerning issues facing us as humans and wildlife, like the rhino, are endangered because of increased poaching efforts. Others like the lion are being hunted for sport, which although not illegal like rhino poaching, this is an concerning issue..

Once these animals are extinct there will no recreating them in a lab somewhere, there is no other place in the world you can see a wildebeest co-existing with a gemsbok at a watering hole that is home to a family of hippopotamuses.horns africa

It’s also important to remember that when you are on safari as a family there is no technology or network at hand. Seeing these animals in their natural beautiful habitat is an experience that children will remember for a lifetime and couples will treasure as a romantic getaway where work cannot interrupt. These are the memories that will last longer than any Facebook update or top score in a video game. It truly is once in a lifetime experience.

The last and most important reason you should make the trip to South Africa for a game drive is to see the big 5 in The Western Cape, it is an experience or moment that sums up the true spirit of Africa. It is all about observing but not disturbing, about working for future generations to see what you have and realizing that you are part of a bigger whole.