Below let’s discover some of the interesting facts and information about the most elegant animal in the wild.

On media reports and television, these African mammals prefer woodland areas. Because this is where they will be able to find the most food, they only use grasslands to travel.

When fresh, green food is available they do not need to drink any water, if no greenery is available, you will find them nearby rivers, lakes and streams.

Giraffe in Africa

Interesting facts about the following animal:

The body structure of this animal makes it difficult to groom itself.  You will usually see giraffes eating thorn bushes.

When you see that they are rubbing themselves against a tree, they are trying to get rid of parasites. These animals will usually feed and move around during the night, when it is cooler this includes early morning and late afternoon. During the day, when hot you will see them resting in the heat, either standing up or lying down.

Giraffes can gallop at a speed of 34 miles per hour and when going on a safari, watch the way they walk. Giraffes have a distinctive walking gait, because its legs are so long a walking they move both right legs forward and then both the left legs.

Seeing that giraffes are so tall, many ask “How do they fight?”

In real fights, older giraffes will swing their heads like feudal maces. Their necks are extremely slow and it looks slower than it is, their hit is also less hard but the impact and sounds, sounds worse than it seems.

Did you know that giraffes cannot jump and swing at the same time, their two components give us the impression that they are taking turns to give and receive blows.

Their fights can go on for more than a half an hour and after the fight, the winner will boast his dominance by briefly mounting the losing giraffe.

These creatures face several threats in the wild, such as habitat loss, due to natural disasters or human greed; they are also hunted for meat, which many African tribe values.

To help preserve the giraffe population in Africa, don’t buy products made by giraffe body parts and encourage others to do the same, let’s help protect our wildlife…

Do your part in conservation?