There are many game reserves in and around South Africa, That offers lots of excitement concerning cheetahs in Africa. In recent media reports conducted, the cheetahs were some of the most amazing sightings for many viewers and  the top lens capturing moments this year  within the country was of the cheetah.

The Cheetah within Africa.

Below  we have gathered a few information on what makes our stunning creature run so fast.

The cheetahs body structure is behind the speed of this animal. The cheetah is built for speed, to be fats, with its slender body and light in weight features it is perfect for sprinting at high speeds.

Its sleek body means it can cut through the air easily. The spine of the this animal adds to the speed and it also has a unusual kind of spin that can bend easily and further, which lets the animals front and back paws overlap when running, therefore this creates more powerful paces. There claws are blunt and semi retractable acts as an ever-ready grip, which its long and slender tale helps with its balancing and to take sharp turns. But with any disadvantage in having such great features, there are disadvantages too. This specific cat is the smallest feline between the different predator cats in the world. When hunting or in an chase, it takes up approximately 30 minutes for this animal to regain its strength and during this time prey often gets stolen by bigger and stronger predators in the wild, like the hyena.


Below are few interesting facts about the cheetah in Africa.

  • They are the fastest land animals on earth.
  • They the only felines that have semi-retractable claws.
  • They prefer to live in open areas like savannah because it is easier for them to hunt.
  • Mother cheetahs will teach her cubs how to hunt by bringing back small prey that is still alive so that the cubs can case and catch it.

These creatures are some of Africa’s seriously special exotic animals! Have you ever been lucky enough to see this amazing animal or even the Big Five?

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