The Importance of the African Lion to our ecosystem:

When parked near the King of the Wilderness called the Africa lion, we often ask ourselves what important role they play within the environment?

Fact is “Without them our entire ecosystem will falter.”

At times we may ask ourselves and wonder! – “How much do we really know about this specific specie? What are their conservation statuses? Why these animals are important and how we as humans can help them?”lion2

Below we have collected information for you to become knowledgeable about the African Lion:

Lions dominate the environment within the wild! Therefore they are proclaimed the King of the Jungle, these animals are strong and extremely brave. A male weighs up to 330 to roundabout 500 pounds and can live up to 10 – 14 years.

According to media reports, there are less than 21,000 lions left on the entire African continents.

Conservation status:

According to CITIES – STATUS Vulnerable

Media reports suggest that these species might be extinct by 2050, which is not that far. However with the concerning issue of Cecil, trophy hunting lion in Zimbabwe in July this year, we are positive that these animals status will be taken more seriously.

These wild cats role within the ecosystem:

  • Help control herbivore population
  • Biodiversity will reduce if herbivore population are not regulated
  • Controls Diseases amongst animals.

How we can help to protect these species?

  • Inform and educate others about the conservation status of the lion.
  • Learn how to appreciate lions and their habitats.

Donate and visit game reserves to show your support towards wildlife.