Wildlif at Inverdoorn, when you decide on an overnight getaway, guests have the opportunity to go on a second game drive to check out any animals they haven’t found yet. One of the favorite animals on the reserve to watch and take magnificent photographs of is the giraffe. Guest and the staff members at Inverdoorn have sent us beautiful photographs where wildlife are in a behavioural take action such as necking, this is when it looks like the giraffes are dancing, tossing their necks to one another.

When you spot an adult male giraffe tossing and using their heads and necks, this is used mainly used as a defence mechanism, because this is a way to establish their dominance. When the males win in a necking session, this impresses the female giraffes and will have a greater reproductive chance.giraffe wildlife

Did you know? There are two types of necking? Low intensity – this is when males rub against each other and the giraffe that keeps himself wins.

The High-Intensity necking is when the giraffes spread their legs and swing their necks towards each other. This gives a painful blow to each other as their small horns stab one another.
The beauty of visiting a game reserve and going on that unforgettable safari trip is that you will be able to watch these majestic creatures wonder in their natural habitat. Astonished by their elegant beauty, it seems like they are dancing, the way they move their necks is definitely mesmeric.

Giraffes are iconic animals within the wild, extraordinary wildlife that makes our guest feel part of an unforgettable African wildlife encounter. There is nothing more magical then meeting and seeing  wildlife in action.

When you visit Inverdoorn, make sure to stop and appreciate them and if you lucky, you might spot them necking about.