Looking beyond the traditional game reserve experience! 

The image most people have in mind about a safari adventure will probably be driving around in an secured jeep, yet there are some safari destinations that will allow you to roam on foot, to bring you closer to nature.

Meet Shamwari Game Reserve, a private five star game reserves and sanctuary in the Eastern Cape Province, merely two hours outside the city of Port Elizabeth.

Shamwari was once a former farm land and the area has since been transformed into an incredible wildlife reserve, stretching 25 000 hectares across this diverse landscapes that’s unique to the Eastern Cape Province.

The Game reserve can boast with its reputation as being a recipient of various awards, a location of a well-known documentary as well as a chosen destination for well-known celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods.shamwari experience

Shamwari has been proclaimed a leading conservation organization several times at the 21st Annual Africa gala ceremony. Their multifaceted conservation initiatives include the following:

  • An animal rehabilitation centre
  • Rhino awareness centre
  • A 3500 hectare breeding facility
  • Various educational and interactive programmes

Shamwari Game Reserve also includes two sanctuaries of the Born Free Foundation, which serves to rehabilitate wildlife, such as lions and leopards that have been rescued from poor conditions in zoos and circuses globally.

Going beyond the usual safari experience!

Beside the option of going on guided walks, photo safaris or even game drives, you will get the opportunity to visit the animal hospital at Shamwari, there you will get to meet a full-time veterinary nurse who takes care of the young, orphaned or injured wildlife.

And while Shamwari can boast about their incredible conservation work and the success that the company has obtained, it’s clear to say that they pride themselves on giving guest all around the world the best experience possible.

“Conserve a vanishing way of life” – Shamwari game reserve