The Congo has often been referred to as Africa’s ‘heart of darkness’. Teeming forests conjure images of a war-wrecked country, booming with gorillas and rich in natural minerals. Indeed, it has a history of ethnic violence, exploitation and massacres.

Venturing into the Congo is not for the faint-hearted. It’s not only due to the country’s savage history but the constant fight for survival. Even plants are competing for the sunlight through the thick trees. It’s a ‘kill or be killed’ world out there.

But there is also the other side of the Congo. It is rich in biodiversity of both flora and fauna. The Congelian kingdom is a tropical and subtropical broadleaf biome that lies in the Congo basin. The mighty Congo river braids through the jungle breathing life not only to the local ecology but feeds into local communities as a conduit to pass through the thickest parts of the forest.

Get lost at Lango Camp

Once you venture deep enough into the forest, you might find yourself stumbling onto a little gem buried deep in the jungle. Lango Camp sits south of Odzola and offers adventures into the Congo basin by motorboat, kayak or a walk through the marshlands.

A luxury tent in the Lango Camp.
Stay in the heart of the Congolese jungle at Lango Camp. Credit: Luxury Safari.

If game viewing is up your alley, come and peruse the Forest Buffalo and Harnessed Bushbuck and have a wild encounter with the local elephant or hyena. This bit of the forest is also lush in birdlife, so grab your binoculars and you may spot a monkey or two.

Lango Camp offers a range of outdoor activities to fill your sense of adventure. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways of exploring the swamps enveloping the camp. Kayaking through the twisted tributaries is a suitable way to see the primates and birds, and even an elephant. If you are brave enough, you can even spot a crocodile or hippo.

If you venture further south of the camp, you step into a different scene. Welcome to the Savannah. Trade the jungle throng for open grasslands and blue skies. There may even be a chance to get friendly with the hyena and the local aardvark.

After a full day of fighting the wild, overcoming the humidity and defending yourself from mosquitoes, lay down to rest at the luxury campsite.