Take your love on an exotic holiday getaway into the midst of Africa. Break away from work, technology and other distractions to spend some quality one-on-one time together for Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic that huddling together close to a fire, listening to the sounds of the wilderness? Or gazing at the starts swimming in the abyss above.

Escape from the mundane everyday and book a night or two on an African Safari in a luxury lodge. What better way to say “I love you”?

Cascada Island Lodge, Namibia

Stroll along the floating walkways, visiting island after island to see nature, untouched, in Namibia. It is the ideal location for romance, and sites 70 km upriver from Victoria Falls. It is a great space for relaxation, enshrined in the ultimate luxury with beautiful bedrooms, a bath with a view, and even a library. You will be cosseted by the sound of the wilderness and running streams right outside your chalet. This highly private location offers privacy for your magical weekend away, and privately guided tours through the Namibian wild.

Image of the view from a luxury chalet.
A luxury chalet on Cascada Islands. Credit: Flame of Africa.

Mount Cambedoo Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape

This deluxe game reserve is sprawled on the outer regions of the Great Karoo. It brags with quaint Cape Dutch houses nestled in the majesty of the Sneeuberg Mountain range. This Five Star luxury resort offers a stylised getaway for two in the middle of nature, with opportunities to go on a game drive or a scenic route. The menu celebrates the Karoo’s rich history with recipes from early Dutch settlers. If diving into a legacy is something you fancy, this reserve is the place for you!

Picture of a couple at the edge of a cliff in the Karoo.
A lovely couples walk on the edges of the krans in the Karoo. Credit: Nature Reserve.

Londolozi Granite Suites, Kruger National Park

This luxury lodge is situated in the wonders of Kruger National Park. It caters for exclusively six guests to ensure privacy during your stay. Each of the three suite accommodation is accompanied by a private, heated swimming pool. The lodge is crowned by pearly, granite rocks which is echoed in the interior decor. It caters to the finer tastes in life in the private granite suites. So book a stay for two.

Beautiful view from the Private Granite Suite at Londolozi.
Beautiful view from the Private Granite Suite at Londolozi. Credit: Londolozi.

Kuganha Camp at Inverdoorn Game Reserve, Western Cape

For a romantic retreat, book in at the tented Kuganha Camp in Inverdoorn Game Reserve, Ceres. This exclusive 5 star luxury accommodation promises  privacy and intimacy, with a break away from ‘real life’. Situated in the middle of the game reserve, you can enjoy private safari’s, great cuisine and a dip in the pool. On some morning elephants venture a little closer to join you for breakfast. There are three luxury safari tents at this camp, and would be ideal for three couple looking to get away.

Retreat to the luxury, safari style tent in the middle of nowhere.
Retreat to the luxury, safari style tent in the middle of nowhere. Credit: Kuganha Lodge.

Esiweni Luxury Lodge, Kwazulu-Natal

This Valentine’s Day visit the jewel is crowns near Nambiti Game Reserve, close to Ladysmith. It sits on the cusp of a cliff, overlooking a valley bursting with wildlife. Get a little closer to your loved one at the edge of the world, surrounded by nature. And what could be more romantic than a couple’s massage in the heart of Zulu Land?

The cliff hugging Esiweni Luxury Lodge with a spectacular view of Africa.
The cliff hugging Esiweni Luxury Lodge with a spectacular view of Africa. Credit: Esiweni.

So book your romantic getaway today, it may all be snatched up by tomorrow.