Sabi Sabi Game Reserve prides with 36 years of excellence!

Selati Camp:

This site has indulgence and is very romantic. It has a sense of history. It features a certain timeline from the start of Sabi  Sabi to the embrace of Luxury and effortless whispers.

The Bush lodge: This site includes a warm African ambience, surrounded by the African bushes, every whim is harmonious.  Truly a lodge where you can enjoy with your family.sabi sabi

Little Bush Camp:

This is the heart of this Intimate getaway location, situated on the banks of the Msuthlu riverbed, which is surrounded by the sound of the winds and luscious unspoilt wilderness.

Earth Lodge:

This lodge celebrates the future of tomorrow; it is also the mineral wealth of the continent. This is the past, present and future. Guest will be able to take a drink of this decadent opulence of this world-class location.

Deep within the African Bushes, lies something magical, an award winning game reserve that offers standard to luxury accommodation, which includes close encounters with wildlife and delicate cuisine.

The philosophy of the Sabi Sabi reserve speaks of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and stretches over a 100 years of safari experiences. The game reserve has a rich history and each game reserve has a unique African sense to it – Selati, bush lodge, little bush camp and Earth Lodge.

Home to the big five and other species, Sabi sabi always has something special happening in the heart of the wilderness.

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