Sabi Sands has been voted one of the best places to see the big five within the world.

Witnessing the Big Five within the wild can be one of the best experiences ever! South Africa is the only place in the world where the big five still roams freely. The Big Five is derived from the old safari hunting days and is not derived from the size of the animals as many people believes. Yet these animals have proved to be the most difficult to hunt.

Below is a list of the most magnificent creatures at Sabi Sands:

The Leopard

This is the most oblique of the big five. The best way to spot these shy creatures are in trees, which also serves as a resting place for them.

The Mighty lion

Meet the master of the African Bush. These animals are one of the most exciting and beautiful creatures to see when on a safari adventure. It is possible that when you do spot a lion that they will be sleeping as lions sleep or rest up to 20 hours a day and will most likely be active during the morning hours as well as when the sunsets.

The Great Buffalo

Did you know this feisty creature is able to run faster than fifty-five kilometres p/hr. This specie is common within Southern Africa.

The magnificent Elephant

This beautiful grey gentle giants are the largest land mammals and are widespread found within Southern Africa in different habitats.

The Rhino

There are 2 types of species found in South Africa. The black and white rhino. The white rhino has a squared lip and the black rhino has a hooked lip.

Come and witness these magnificent creatures within the wild and don’t miss the chance to make great memories within the wild.