Uganda is known for its Gorilla population and it’s amazing scenic Nile Waterfalls. Its untamed touristy safaris through the savannah are the main attraction for many visitors.

In recent reports, it stats that more Americans are flocking to Uganda. The Uganda Tourism board can confirm that many guests today are from the United States.

This is extremely great for the tourism industry in Uganda.
If you would like to seek a deeper safari experience, then glamping would be a suitable choice for you. The tents are situated close to the Nile and other private lodges.

Mahogany Springs Lodge
Situated near the Virunga Volcanoes. This lodge comprises of luxury cottages and its main lodge which overlooks the Munyanga River.
Guest will be able to relax next to the fireplaces or enjoy time on the terraces.
Apoka Safari Lodge

The Kidepo Valley is a National Park and it inhabits Uganda’s northernmost tip.
The reserve is situated a short distance from South Sudan as well as Kenya. This is one of those dream safari destinations you’ve always wanted to go on.
Kyambura Gorge Lodge
The lodge consist of 8 cottages and a house that was converted in a coffee processing factory. The park is home to one hundred mammal species as well as six hundred bird species. This is the perfect location if you are looking to view birds or track chimpanzees.
Ishasha Wilderness Camp
This isn’t just a Birdwatching prime spot. It is also home to two populations of the tree climbing lions. The camp consists of ten luxurious canvas tents situated right next to the Ntungwe River.
Crater Safari Lodge
The lodge is situated a few minutes away from the border. There you will find a 9-cottage property. The cottages have a mobile spa which is individually designed and each of the rooms has its own remarkable view of the natural unspoiled lake.
Clouds Mountain Lodge
This is one of the best lodges in Uganda. Pioneers in the Eco Hotel industry.
The lodges are built from volcanic stones and is furnished with handwoven rugs from the Uganda’s most renowned artists.
With so many Lodges to choose from, the ones listed above is the best!